Hearing Aids

  • Hearing Aids are too often a last resort, tried long after experiencing much frustration, withdrawal, denial, bluffing, and avoiding
  • Contrary to some advertisements, hearing aids do not make your hearing normal; they are just part of the solution. Many people give up when the hearing aid doesn't solve the problem immediately.
  • Coping successfully with hearing loss requires many adjustments and changes, giving up old habits and learning new ones.
  • This learning process cannot be done in isolation; you need support, information, and resources.

Using a Hearing Aid

  • Hearing aids will not correct hearing like glasses correct vision, nor will a hearing aid restore normal hearing. But, a hearing aid will help you get the maximum hearing possible.
  • Here are some of the things you may notice when you start using a hearing aid:
    • You won't have to ask people to repeat what they say as often.
    • You will hear better on the telephone.
    • You will hear familiar sounds again like the refrigerator going on and off, the rain, your footsteps.
    • You will hear your TV better.
    • Noisy situations will still be hard, but not impossible for you to handle.